Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Referral Day!

Two years ago today...
We remember getting the call from Chelsea at CCAI, they had a file for us to review. I remember my heart thumping in my chest...just waiting to see her pictures for the first time. 

Two years ago today...
We fell in love with this face. That face, those eyes... those CHEEKS! This was our Kaylah.

Today... two years later...
We are the proud parents of a little girl who has blossomed. Her health is fabulous, she's grown several inches in height and her "toddler-ness" seems to be disappearing and a lovely little girl is coming out. We think the world of you, Miss Kaylah, we are proud to be your family and love you so very much!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Update, and getting ready for another holiday season!
Life with Kaylah, has been such a blessing! There are no words to sum up just how much joy she has brought into our lives.
She's a hoot! Such a little personality! She turned 4 this past July and has just shot up in height! She also started Pre-K this past fall and is loving every second of it and her teachers! She has such a warm spirit about her and is such a little caring individual. Looking back through photos, it make my heart smile to see how much she has blossomed and grown!

She loves her Baba and Mama, family and friends so much! She gets so excited when she can spend time with her Grammas and Grampas! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SIX(6) yes SIX.... months .... with Kaylah

Takes a breath.
Wipes a tear away.
Great, now another tear....

Let me begin by saying that this little girl has changed our lives forever. I've been looking across many different international adoption blogs and websites looking for inspiration of what things to say today. And I decided to just say what's on my mind...and will spit out whatever comes in my little noggin. If it inspires you, GREAT... if not, well, just sit here and let me ramble for a little bit. Scan through the pictures... at least you can see just how very far she has come.

and YES...that would be chocolate milk that has somehow magically appeared on her blouse. That's her favorite drink now. We give it to her in moderation, but this girl just LOVES it.

Recently, one late night, when she awoke crying (yes, still has night terrors from time to time) and I calmed her back into a silent sleep, I stayed up looking online for pictures of her... by searching her chinese character name. I never thought that I'd find ANYTHING, until.... I came across a chinese blog from her hospital where she had her surgery done. I found 63 baby photos that the nurses had posted.  I spent the next 3 hours of the wee morning downloading them all and crying and was a complete mess by the time Mike woke up. He looked at me and said, you found more pictures didn't you. He was surprised to hear just how many I found. And I was in shock myself. Here's the earliest photo we have of Kaylah.... taken in June, 2011. About 1 1/2 years ago. Just LOOK at how far she's come!!!!

She was two here.... before her heart surgery. And is the most precious thing I've ever laid eyes on.

Here's her first haircut and style. She LOVED every minute of it! A DIVA in every true definition.

She is serious when it comes to her toys. Some of these were mine from the 80's. She loves lining things up....
 Definitely has her "ducks in a  Row" here.....

Kaylah LOVES toddler Tuesdays at our local library branch. We go pick out books afterwards and she can't wait to get home to read them together! 
 And she is a little Martha Stewart when it comes to baking and decorating. We've had  BALL doing fun things together. She's very VERY good at it.... her little "old soul" comes out and she acts like she's been doing this all along.

She loves spending her time with her Baba. watching TV, snack time, and loves helping to give Snickers and Nougat their baths!

 Christmas was a BLAST with this little pumpkin. We had fun baking and really had a great time with her opening up Christmas gifts. She LOVED meeting Santa Claus... went running with her arms wide open yelling " I LOVE you Santa!"

Kaylah recently got to meet Great Grampa Shyler. He's 97, stil lives in his home in Pennsylvania. Cooks his meals and just renewed his driver's license. (Watch out PA!) :) He is amazing and jsut loved meeting and playing with Kaylah. She has a fascination with airplanes, and since he built several of his own and was a pilot of them many years ago... he LOVED the fact that she liked them and is strongly convinced that she is going to be the next pilot in our family. Kaylah looks at these photos and says, "Zi Yue's Grampa"... which she often does to state that something is hers.

This little stinker has grown 4" since July 30, 2012. She's growing by leaps and bounds. Each day is something new with her and it's a pure joy watching her come to life. She's doing great health wise. No more heart surgeries needed right now and has no restrictions. We hope she will never need surgery again, but can not rule anything out. We are here for her no matter what. That's what parents are for, right?

I'll end today with a favorite photo I recently took of her... "Fishie Kisses" Ain't she cute?! We love you SO much Miss Kaylah and are so ever grateful that you are our daughter.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy 3 month Anniversary.....

So, I fell off the Blogger wagon while we traveled in China. #1, I got very sick with swollen tonsils the size of golf balls and needed to visit the Hospital in China. What an adventure THAT was! #2,  I have to say that I tried my best to prepare myself and Mike for the worst when we got Kaylah.... maybe she wouldn't like us... maybe she would hate us. But as it turned out, she KNEW who we were from day one and by the end of Gotcha Day, she called us Mama and Baba. She had the little photo albums that we had sent to her in care packages, pointed us out and smiled when she saw we were smiling right back at her. We focused on her and us for the rest of the trip. She got a fever... and we nursed her back to health once we got her home to America. She traveled well. Surprised us both I think. Who would have thought.... being an instant Mama and Baba has been the most amazing thing that's ever happened in our lives.

Today, Oct 30, is officially 3 months from the day that Ms. Kaylah was placed in our arms. Somewhat of a memorial day of its own. I have to say that she is an absolute PURE JOY and we cannot even remember what life was like without her. Well, we can... but it was incomplete. With each day that passes we fall in love with this little Diva more and more. Here are some random facts and photos that I'd thought I'd share with you all:

~She can run like the devil when she wants to (usually when she has something in her hand that she doesn't want to give up...)
~She loves playing outside and has been learning to ride her bike.
~She has never pooped in her pants and has been doing really great potty training at home. Big girl panties are in the future...but for now, it's pull-up time. In China, we learned that by saying La Cho Cho-- meant make a poop and Neow Neow meant go peepee... Thanks the heavens that we learned THAT!
~She sleeps for at least 2 hours during nap-time. (Whew!)
~She's been sleeping mostly through the night, but depending on how much stress she's had throughout the day, she sometimes wakes up with night terrors.
~She loves noodles! Fresh fruits and veggies too! NO strawberries, thank you...
~She has the tiniest little hiney you've ever seen!
~She has all of her teeth.
~She's shy at first when meeting new people, but quickly warms up to just about anyone.
~She loves her Gramma/Grandpa Zuzak, Uncle Ray and Gramma/Grandpa Murphy!!!
~She LOVES helping to unload the dishwasher and loves to use the swiffer in the kitchen floor! Knock yourself Diva!
~She is intrigued by baking and cooking. She carefully watches my every move and picks up on little things so quick! My Mom and I joke around that she has an "old soul"ness about her. A true blessing in every way!
~She has the most caring heart you'll ever witness. When she hears a little one crying, she gets this look on her face that will melt your heart! She's so concerned...and wants to make them feel better.
~Her language is coming along very nicely! She's beginning to say lots of basic phrases and words and is attempting a few songs. She loves us to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" before naps and at bedtime.
~She wants me to rock her to sleep after a bedtime story. And for the LONGEST time... her favorite book was "Little Blue Truck". I think I have all of the words memorized!
~She loves bath-time  She wants one as many times as she can get it! Bubbles... or no bubbles. Just as long as she has all of her bath toys ... she's completely happy.
~She loves swimming and we plan on taking her more frequently to our indoor neighborhood pool.
~She loves getting her hair done and wears a flower or bow everyday.
~She's enjoyed being in her car seat from day one. Never fussed once.
~She has the most contagious laugh, love tickle time and she absolutely loves all of her babies!

I hope you all enjoyed the MUCH needed update. Friend me on Facebook... I'm updating there almost everyday. I"ll be updating here more frequently... Promise!

I'll leave you all with this: ADOPTION R*O*C*K*S (PERIOD).

If you have ever thought to yourself "I think I would like to adopt" or "I wish I could do that"... DO IT. DO IT NOW.  There's nothing more worthwhile that you could do with your resources of time and money. There's nothing more rewarding than having a child call you Mama. This journey to Kaylah has been the absolutely BEST thing ever in my life.

This is a recent photo of our new family.....she's saying thank you... thank you for giving me a new life. Thank you for being my new Mama and Baba. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for giving me the chance to grow up to become one amazing woman. She's saying that are others you know...can't you help them too? Do something amazing in your life, just jump in and do it. I promise, it's so worth it!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Murphy's law rocks...

This post was from a few days ago... The day we left Zhengzhou...
The day that I had to remind myself why Murphy's law rocks...
The day where we had a little one battling a 101.6 fever and we had to take her on a two hour flight to Guangzhou.
The day where we spent over two hours on a hot muggy plane while a lady demanded to get off due to a flight and weather delay, which need up taking us even longer to get off the land.
The day where we witnessed ALOT of angry Chinese people yelling at the flight crew, and where we witnessed the flight crew yelling right back at them.
But we did get into the air. And we did get Kaylah to sleep.
And we made it to Guangzhou safely.
And Kaylah's temperature is back to normal.
And the moon came out and the sky was clear...
And Murphy's Law Rocks! Just in case you didn't know.