Thursday, May 26, 2011

Application APPROVED!!!!!!

Mike and I traveled to Denver today to meet with Hillary from CCAI and she approved our adoption application today! Now it's onto dossier preparation, classes and our home study. We are looking at 5-6 months to get our dossier compiled... three cheers for paperwork!! Positive attitude... going with the flow.... Murphy's Law ROCKS....positiveness... We've waited for over 12 years for a little one... what's a few more months right? This is our destiny. I feel it in my bones. I feel it in my heart. This was the path we were given and we are soooo looking forward to our journey!
We have been so blessed from our families on support and that really helped us get to this point! They helped rocket-launch us closer to finding Kaylah and bringing her home. The support has been amazing from friends and we thank everyone and will need your continued support in getting her home!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Murphy's Law Rocks...... (or at least it HIDES things)

Social Security cards.
Guess we are going to the Social Security Office to ask for new cards.

Thank You Tuesday...

Thank you, Mr. Husband... for helping me finish entering in all of our information on our adoption application for CCAI! Whew! All pages have been scanned! YEAYYYYY
2 "official"copies of our marriage certificate.... ordered tonight! At first, when I searched the Clark County Clerk and Recorder's website, I couldn't find our certificate. Kinda freaked me out a little bit. But after I tried 4 times, I finally found it! Whew!!!! Now, we patiently await for them to appear in our mailbox and we can then turn in our application for processing. Our plan is to turn it in at the end of next week and we are SOOOOO excited!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother Nesting??

For some crazy reason, I'm finding it hard NOT to re-organize all of our closets, drawers and shelves in the ENTIRE house. I pick a spot and empty it out, clean it and reload it. Maybe it's because we are trying to gather things to have a HUGE yard sale. When I find a penny or a dime.... I ~RUN~ to the kitchen, where we keep a ziploc baggie for loose change. Each little coin chime reminds me that we are one step closer. Taking that little baggie to the bank makes me smile. Each trip adds more into our savings account where we have a cheering squad now. The tellers smile when they see me... they know our mission... and they cheer when the deposit goes in.  Which reminds me, Mike sold an autographed baseball to a guy at his work... so he placed the cash in the baggie. We need to make a trip to bank!
There's a little one out there...
We plan on getting her home as soon as we can!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank You Tuesday... just one day late

Thanks Murf for taking me to get new glasses! I can see!!!
Mike and I went to get glasses tonight, we will be posting pics soon!

But even better news....
We FAXED over our Medical Conditions Checklist and our Basic Qualifications' Checklist to CCAI today! I was nervous.... stood there in front of the fax machine at work... took a deep breath... and hit SEND. Then I SMILED! We are on our way Kaylah!

SO... my Thank you Tuesday is dedicated to whoever invented the fax machine! (I should Google that!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kaylah Marie ..(insert her real chinese name).. Murphy

I dreamt about A Name... for a little girl who will become our daughter. The dream was simple but was so real and vivid. My late Grandmother, Charlotte was crouching down, hugging a little Chinese girl. As she went to stand up, she slowly kissed her on her forehead and said, "Welcome to the family Kaylah" and she smiled into that little face then she looked at me and smiled again. I rarely wake up with tears in my eyes, this was one special occasion that I did. A morning "Happy Moment." I believe Grandma is watching over our little angel right now, making sure she's safe and sound until we get her in our arms.

Kaylah = Pure, beloved

Marie = A lovely middle name, and shared by all of the important women in our immediate family:
My middle name (Krystal Marie), my Grandmother's (Charlotte Marie), my Mother's (Christine Marie) and Mike's Mother's (DeEtte Marie)

Sent our reference listing to the agency today! YEAY! And then, we will send in our Medical Conditions listing this week... (thank you Sara for programing that into our brains!) Gathering information on getting our passports all in line. I've never had one and I have to say, that this is going to be an AMAZING life experience! Mike and I have so much love to share, we can't wait to finally have a family!