Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

OK- I was told I need to post MORE pics of things going on. And I promise to.
Here's a snapshot of Mike and me when we recently went on our date weekend getaway. We were celebrating how far we have come along in our adoption journey and needed to get away to renew our spirits and to just relax!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Chinese Consulate Docs!

Well, we have received SEALED Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, Physical Forms, Financial Statement,  Adoption Petition and Employment Verification letters!!!
The ONLY thing we need is our I797 immigration paperwork, then we have to send it off to Chicago to get sealed and THEN, we can submit our DOSSIER! YEAYYYY!!!!!! Then we submit it to get logged into the People's Republic of China!
It's hard to believe all of this paper chasing is almost done! Then, we just have to patiently wait for our match. Which REALLY could happen ANY day. It's exciting to think of the day when we get an email or phone call from CCAI re: a potential match for our family. I try not to check my email at work, but can't seem to hope that one day soon, there's going to be an email saying that the stork has LANDED!
Smiles... Life is GOOD!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WE have paint ;)

Went of Lowe's this evening to  pick up a few gallons of paint for Kaylah's room this evening. I wanted to get her room painted in september... overtime might start up at work in the warehouse in mid-late september and my weekends are going to be busy with parenting classes and OT.  They offered extra shifts at work and I ran to sign up! Any extra money is going to go straight into the adoption savings account! I'm also working on some craft projects to sell at a craft show over the first weekend in December with my mother-in-law, Dee ;) We do this craft show every year and we always have a BALL!
Dossier items are almost complete! Some of our documents are in Washington DC, on their way to being processed at the Chinese Embassy, and some other documents ate in Chicago at THAT Chinese Embassy.
Our I800a should be going out any day, we are just waiting on confirmation from Hillary at CCAI that she mailed it out. ;)
Life is GOOD.