Sunday, October 9, 2011

Whew! AND good news!!!!

Done. All painted, cleaned up (for the most part) and showered. Many thanks to my good friend, Alicia for coming down today and helping me this afternoon painting Kaylah's room. Even her son, Colton got to help us out a little bit!


Extreme close up of me. (Mike's idea)

 Me again. Hair, OMG.... bad I know. 

But it's painted. Two coats. And I guess after it's all dry, we will be able to see if we missed any spots!
Next.... painting the tree on the wall with fun leaves and owls! I have a few ideas, just need to tweak it a little bit.
On Saturday, we received our invitations to get our fingerprints done for our I-797! YEAY!!!!! Immigration paperwork is almost done! Then we can be done with our dossier! My goodness... how time flies.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Garage Sale

Last weekend, Mike and I decided to have a HUGE 3-day garage sale. We were SHOCKED at how much stuff we had to get rid of. And honestly, there's more hiding in the upper cabinets and closets and my oh MY.... the basement! There are some WONDERFUL people in this world and we were surprised that by 2pm Sunday, we had made over $671.85!! It went directly into our adoption savings account and will help us with the ongoing expenses of bringing little Kaylah home. We even had a wonderful neighbor that we never met before make an appearance and donated $50 cash towards our adoption! Needless to say, I couldn't stop the tears. Mike even went over to her and gave her a nice "side hug" and thanked her. She and her hubby are working on bringing home a little one from Congo. She also told me to make up a few adoption fundraiser signs... which I immediately did. What a great person... thank you.

Let the FUN begin!

Okie Dokie! We got all of the supplies needed to begin the FUN painting project for Kaylah's room!
I felt the need to do this now. Painting is always such a HUGE task. And it can be one more thing that can get done and marked off the MASSIVE "To Do List".
More pics to come tomorrow!