Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Mike, Susan, Blake and Kye took me out on an adventure today. Somewhere I have never been, and to witness something I had never seen. A new experience, and one that made me smile form ear to ear! Plus, it was good getting out into the beautiful downtown Colorado Springs area and walk around in the fresh air! We went to a local Chinese New Year Celebration. And it was FANTABULOUS!
I would like to post a video, but I haven't quite figured that out yet through blogger. Gimme some time, I am sure I will figure it all out! HEre are a few more pics of what we saw today. It was so much fun and a new experience that I think will be in our future when we have Kaylah home!
These Lion dancers were amazing to watch. They brought these lions to life and were so talented! So much fun to watch!!
We watched several dancers and tasted some Chinese food. There were also some really neat vendors there and we enjoyed walking around and spending a little cashola here and there on a few goodies for Kye and for Kaylah. It was fun to see so many families there with little ones running around. And I was so impressed to see how many adoptive families were there. Somehow, I felt connected to them, and I didn't even know them.

Yes, that would be MIke (I need to work on his smiles a bit more) and lil Mr. Kye. Isn't he a sweetie? We love spending time with Susan and Blake too. They are amazing parents and have become good friends!

Help from Mom and the Girls...

Ok, I am posting this picture, as embarrassing as it is. HOW our hallway closet got this bad? I have no idea. But I can tell you all this, it took almost 7 years. I had the help from my Mom while she was in town helping me recover from surgery AND I had to call on the special powers of these ladies, who are on my favorite t-shirt -->> The closet wasn't always this bad, it did start out organized, but somehow, it's manifested into something that is was totally and completely embarrassing.
Ok, here it is. (Covers her ears...) YES. I KNOW. (Shakes her head.) But to my defense... this stuff IS behind two sliding doors, so it's not in my face. And to all of my friends and co-workers who think that my house is "perfectly" tidy... see? I was not so perfect... YET. And YES, that's a Delaware license plate and I HAVEN'T lived there since 2001! Not even going to think how in the heck that got in there!
Can you see these bunnies? OMG? They were on my front porch? And now you ask... "What does your hallway closet look like now?"
TA-DAAAAAaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOOP! How COOL is THIS?????? Many thanks to my Mom for helping get some major storage containers and she was great enough to help us stock up on paper products and cleaning supplies for the next several months. Aren't Mommies GREAT?! What a blessing!
Now... I have more towels in the washer... gonna fold them and PUT them away! The two bottom shelves are going to be reserved for Kaylah's things: sheets, towels, blankets.
Who said "Mother Nesting" wasn't fun? I LOVE getting organized!

Friday, January 6, 2012

We did it! We are LID baby!!!! WOOHOO!

This week, we were faced with me having an emergency surgery Tuesday morning. I am healing now and on the road to recovery, something came out from left field and WHAM... life seemed to be spinning. We thank God for a new OBGYN who was on top of her game and who saved my life, literally. We lost little baby Murphy and their spirit is up above with Grandma Shyler watching over our little Kaylah until we can bring her home.

This morning, I reached over for my ice water and saw that I had 9 emails on my phone and clicked "open" and the last one read... Congratulations Mike and Krystal.... and I smiled. Thwacked Mike on his arm several times to wake him up and said, " LOOK, LOOK LOOK!" WE are LID!!! I couldn't woohoo loud---cuz my gut is so sore right now it isn't even funny. Even hard to cry--- no gut wiggling is permitted. Official LID: January 5, 2012~!

Kaylah's tree is on hold, but I will post pics as the project resumes.