Friday, March 30, 2012


File in review.
I can't believe it!
Unfortunately, we cannot share information YET.
I will say this, she looks like she needs a HUGE hug and that we have a few mug shots to keep looking at.
Her file will be reviewed by our doctor and specialists. ;) We remain calm and await to learn about her special need and want to have all this medical jargon interpreted for us.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

One year ago today......

One year ago today...
Mike & I made the decision to pursue adoption. After thirteen years together and many medical procedures we decided that it was more important to be parents than to deliver a child.

One year ago today...
I remember sitting in a fertility specialist's office alone with Mike with tears in my eyes thinking that I would never get a chance to be a Mom, something I'd desperately wanted so bad. I remember being mad at my body, disappointed in the percentage of conceiving, I remember being just plain sad.

One year ago today...
I remember looking at Mike and hearing him say, "Let's adopt a little girl from China like Sara and Bill." Instantly, Mike made my heart smile.

One year ago today...
A friend of Mike's parents, Sara, recommended a local agency out of Denver, CCAI, and we questioned her how to get started and tried to get a clue as to how the process worked.

One year ago today...
Making the decision to adopt was an absolute leap of faith; we decided to trust our instincts as we delved into adoption. We had a really good feeling about CCAI after our first call. They were professional, helpful and patient...we had a lot of questions! Mike & I knew immediately that this was the agency for us.

One year ago today...
We began the process and never looked back. The paperwork is intimidating, but we always felt that CCAI was our partner and coach through the numerous steps.

We "patiently" wait for a file with a little Kaylah's face on it. We are LID, and hoping we get to bring her home this year. We have come so far and really look forward to becoming parents.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sundress #2 : WOOHOO

Well, it "seams" that I have a sundress bug. ;)
And I'm happy to say that this little dress is for a special little girl who is going to meet her forever family this week! Lil Miss Emily! I am having such a fun time re-learning the fun"ness" of sewing! My friend, Christine asked if I could make a little dress for Emily's Consulate appointment and I was all over it! I even picked up a turtleneck onesie and a cute pair of cotton pants with a ruffle at the bottom for Emily to wear since it's cold in China right now.
Safe travels Sullivan family! And we cannot wait to see pics of your family +1!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Two months LID!

Today, we celebrated our 2nd month anniversary for being LID with another ladybug cake! This time, I made a fabulous lemon cake with whipped cream frosting! And I had been dreaming of how to come up with some cute ladybugs for the top. I have to say that I am VERY proud of this little cake. And it turned out way cuter than the first one. Mainly because I made the frosting... and it didn't looked like canned frosting. LOL What can I say, I am picky about frosting. I hate it when it's too thick or too sweet. This frosting was p-e-r-f-e-c-t-o! SO light and fluffy... doncha just wanna have a piece??
I dreamt about using the Hostess Snowlballs! And I think the ladybugs turned out DARLING! I used green chocolate melts for the heads and had fun with some of the sprinkles I had in my pantry to use as eyes. I then used black chocolate melts to draw the antennae and mouths. I used the same black chocolate to decorate the snowballs. *HINT:* when you are using the chocolate, I love using a chocolate squeeze bottle and I wait until it's a little bit cool. It sets up fast and doesn't run.
I used the same black chocolate again and drew out "month L.I.D." onto a small piece of parchment paper and cooled in the freezer, then placed them on top of the cake once they were set. It's been my favorite thing to do when it comes to cake decorating!
And here's a FUN new development! Mike is growing a moustache! He's not going to shave it off until we are matched. I have to say he looks handsome and it's the first time I have ever seen him with facial hair like this. So now.... we wait. We TRY to be patient and know that all of our family and friends are as excited as we are. Kaylah will get here. And most of all, she will be loved.