Monday, April 30, 2012

Can anyone say.... 19 day LOA?!!!!!!

*breathes into a paper bag*
We got notice that our "Letter Seeking Confirmation of Adopter" (LOA) is ready to sign! HOLY COW! u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e
19 days from our Pre-Approval <<--- almost UNHEARD of getting it that FAST!
Mike and I will be traveling to China to bring home Kaylah in aprrox 10-14 weeks!
That COULD mean we could get her by her birthday on July 7th.
It COULD happen.
It WILL happen.
I'm gonna be a Mama this summer!
Mike's gonna be a Baba!
*breathes into the paper bag*

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kaylah * UPDATE*

Were WE surprised today to see an email from CCAI with UPDATED photos!! OH mygoodness! What have they done with her hair? My heart smiled so big, and I have never wanted to hug this little one more than I do now. These SOOO made my Friday!
I'm not sure who the lady beside her is, but I'd like to think that this might be her Foster Mama. As a stylist, I can't imagine giving a little one this many pigtails, but whoever did this must love her!
And as if today COULDN'T have gotten any better..... another email appeared in my inbox! This time it was a Sponsor update report! And ANOTHER photo of Kaylah in her little Chinese New Year's outfit. Her expression and pose is a little different than the one we had before. Probably taken seconds after the other one. Here's what the report said:
"ZiYue is  a very easy going girl and  always is in a good mood.  She  is a caring and loving person. She likes to visits her friends from her neighbors. As long as she sees her friends, she will happily play with them or share her food or toys with them. If she sees her friend falling down, she will help friend to get up or wipes friend’s tears. She walks around and picks up broom,  chairs or  corns etc. she can eat by herself and eats very thing mom cooks for her. She loves dogs and enjoy chasing them around."
Won't Snickers and Nougat be HAPPY! We laugh at the thought of watching her chase around two chihuahuas. They are in for a rude awakening!
OOOH hold on darlin' Mama and Baba are coming to bring you home! I just cannot wait to hold you in my arms and kiss those amazing cheeks!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

PRE-APPROVAL! Introducing: Kaylah Marie Yue Murphy!!!!!

Happy tears are flowing here in Colorado! We received our Pre-Approval notice today to adopt little Dang Zi Yue! And now we can share her little face with all of you! She was born 7/7/2009 and is from the Henan Province, Nanyang City. She has the CHUBBIEST little face and we have fallen completely in love with her!! We hope to travel in August/ September to bring her home! I just can't seem to get my thoughts together and I am sure you have all sorts of questions... and we will post more as soon as we can process it all. But I wanted to post her picture and share the absolute JOY that I am feeling inside.