Elf Adventures

2012: Elf Adventures
So I was introduced to Elf on the shelf by friends, and thought we'd start a new family tradition.
Meet. Twinkle.

Day ONE : Elf Breakfast, Let's EAT!

Day TWO : Twinkle (AKA Jingle... by those who forgot her name at 3am)  coloring a picture for Kaylah.
 Day THREE: Twinkle plays with her blocks to make a really tall tower! (Baba's awesome idea!)
 Day FOUR: Joy riding with Minnie Mouse and the gang. Poor Monkey!
 Day FIVE: Twinkle and her gang take control over Kaylah's favorite drinks in the refrigerator!
 Day SIX: Twinkle is in the mood to make tons of snowflakes to help decorate the playroom!
Day SEVEN: Twinkle reads a story from a little book ornament that I've had from the 70's... it's about Santa visiting children from all over the world. Here, she's reading a passage from how Christmas is celebrated in China!

 Day EIGHT: Twinkle hangs out with her BFF, TinkerBell and roasts mini holiday marshmallows.
Having her first roasted marshmallow!
 Day NINE: Hiding out under a glass in the cupboard!
Day TEN: Making a Q-tip snowflake!
Day ELEVEN: Getting into our stash of Ding Dongs and Cupcakes!

Day TWELVE: Uh oh.... too many cupcakes!
Day THIRTEEN: Packing up to get ready for a trip with the family for a mini getaway weekend!
Day FOURTEEN: Leaving some goodies int he hotel room for everyone to enjoy some yummy Hot Chocolate together!
 Day FIFTEEN: Having a mini spa date in the hotel bathroom!
Day SIXTEEN: Creating a fun picture of her neighborhood at the North Pole.

Day SEVENTEEN: Twinkle has PACK-MAN fevah!
Day EIGHTEEN: Twinkle leaves a message on the family's chalkboard.
Day NINETEEN: Hangin' with her peeps
Day TWENTY: Twinkle brings holiday jammies for everyone to wear.
Day TWENTY-ONE: Twinkle gets into someone's bow collection.... Kaylah was not too happy.
Day TWENTY-TWO: Twinkle leaves Kaylah with reindeer food, gingerbread outdoor decorations and a letter telling her how good she had behaved.