Saturday, August 4, 2012

Murphy's law rocks...

This post was from a few days ago... The day we left Zhengzhou...
The day that I had to remind myself why Murphy's law rocks...
The day where we had a little one battling a 101.6 fever and we had to take her on a two hour flight to Guangzhou.
The day where we spent over two hours on a hot muggy plane while a lady demanded to get off due to a flight and weather delay, which need up taking us even longer to get off the land.
The day where we witnessed ALOT of angry Chinese people yelling at the flight crew, and where we witnessed the flight crew yelling right back at them.
But we did get into the air. And we did get Kaylah to sleep.
And we made it to Guangzhou safely.
And Kaylah's temperature is back to normal.
And the moon came out and the sky was clear...
And Murphy's Law Rocks! Just in case you didn't know.

Friday, August 3, 2012


We drove by her finding spot in Nanyang City, which was at the main gate of the city hospital. We didn't get out to look closer, there were so many people everywhere and parking was insane.

So Far...

Life with little Kaylah has been wonderful! Until she developed a little fever yesterday.... Then the grumpies appeared and we saw a side we hadn't before. She's doing better now, and is sleeping hard. We are glad we brought along the children's Tylenol and Vivian, our guide, checked in with us yesterday when she brought by Kaylah's passport. She has been bonding with Mike and myself pretty good. She is slowly showing a return of affection and continues to call us Mama and Baba. She lets me rock her now when she's sleepy... Before I would just lay her on the bed on her belly and she would fall asleep. It may also be because she wasn't feeling too good, but I certainly loved holding her tight and hummed a lullaby...what a great mommy moment ;) !!
She also has an understanding a few words of english words and phrases and knows how to throw items away when we ask her too. Although she mostly loves giving trash to Baba, and runs and giggles when she has something in her hands that she shouldn't.
She had her first taste of pizza the other day... And loved every bite. When we feed her something she likes, she goes "mmmmmmmmmm" and shakes her head no when she doesn't. She also started to sign for food yesterday and smacked her lips together when she was hungry! Progress! And she has started to repeat some words after Mike and I have said. She's a smart little cookie!!
We leave this morning to travel to Guangzhou and will be there through aug 12, then it's off to Hong Kong for two days. We will be doing a lot of things in Guangzhou and will be posting more frequently. Getting our family on a semi decent schedule has proven to be more important than fighting with the Internet here. But we love you all and I will post a few more photos to keep your smiles going strong ;) !!
Huge hugs from China!!!