Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Homestudy Approved!

Smiles. Jan, you ROCK! Jan is our caseworker. And Snickers LOVES her... I've never seen him act like this to someone he just met. Jan came to our home this past Saturday and we had a very nice visit with her. And (OMGOODNESS GASPS>>> I had dirty dishes in the sink!)  It took every ounce of energy I had to NOT clean everything so perfect... I didn't want her to think that I wasn't a good housekeeper. I did what I could, and it was just fine. We all talked and had a very heart warming conversation. She is so easy to talk with and is SO helpful with our questions.
My Dad came to Colorado for a week and helped us with SO many projects around the house. He and Mike bonded while repairing our back deck. Isn't it a shame that we had to repair something that was just built in 2004?? New home construction? Shakes head. and OMGooodness..... we FINISHED the backyard!!!! We HIRED a local company, Newlandscaping. Great owner, Andrew and a wonderful staff too! A young bunch of lads with HUGE amounts of energy and all of them had a particularly unique way of YODELING to European disco music. It was certainly entertaining! Pics soon to come... I just have to find the time to upload them here.
Birth Certificates and marriage certificates are mailed out.... to their corresponding Secretary of State's offices to get certification that they are indeed, official documents. Once we receive them back in the mail, then we send them to the US Department of State to make sure that they are indeed authenticated by the right people and that they are indeed official. Then, once we receive those back....it's off to the Chinese Embassy in either Illinois or Texas... again depending on where the documents were first originated from... we get to mail them, Via courier service to the corresponding Chinese Embassy. Thus the reason of the process we are in is called... "THE GREAT PAPER CHASE". Then once we receive those back... we can compile our dossier, submit our family photos and submit it all to our adoption agency who interprets it and translates it into Chinese and submits it to the People's republic of China.

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