Sunday, December 18, 2011


YEAY! Dossier paperwork and photos ALL complete! We will be heading up to Denver in the morning to turn everything in to CCAI, our wonderful adoption agency!
Our good friends, Susan, Blake and little Kye came over one evening for some FUN coloring! And it was also a great photo op! Thanks Blake for taking this great photo!!
And then we went to visit more good friends, Lara and Bryan VanBeek, and had a HOOT decorating some gingerbread men sugar cookies with Alyssa and Emme. It's always fun to see people you love and to make some great memories together!
So, the next step?? Wait for our official DTC (Dossier to China) date and then our LID (Logged in Date). Our match is soon to follow! What a blessing it's going to be to finally see little Kaylah's face! I dream about her every night and and daydream about her every day!

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