Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kaylah's East Coast Toddler Shower: We've Been Sprinkled!

Well, the trip was a success. It was a long day flying into Erie, Pa  and an even LONGER day flying home last Sunday. This is me... one ANXIOUS Mama who cannot wait to get her arms around her little Diva!

This is my Dad, Ray Sr. He's really anxious to be a Grandpa again! Kaylah is just gonna love him!

This is my little brother, Ray Jr. He's SO excited about being an Uncle again! 

 This is my Mom, Christine.... who is as OOOBER excited as me about bringing little Kaylah home as soon as we possibly can!

Carly, Cindy and Breanna.

 A CUTE little outfit for Kaylah.
Lots of fun goodies to open with everyone!

 LOVe this little purse from my friend, Melissa. It's SOOO going to China with us... I can't wait to see little Kaylah carrying it around filling it with goodies!
Another group shot. The Chinese restaurant was amazing! The food was spectacular and the company couldn't have been any better!  The staff was so friendly and were so excited that we were adopting a little one from China. They were teaching us Mandarin and were always saying, "OH she's such a lucky little girl!!"
All the loot we ended up with! And LOTS AND LOTS of squishes of fabric for Kaylah's Quilt! Working on taking pics of those! And we still need more! Please consider sending us some fabric and a good wish! We would love to include everyone and anyone who wants to participate!

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