Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother Nesting??

For some crazy reason, I'm finding it hard NOT to re-organize all of our closets, drawers and shelves in the ENTIRE house. I pick a spot and empty it out, clean it and reload it. Maybe it's because we are trying to gather things to have a HUGE yard sale. When I find a penny or a dime.... I ~RUN~ to the kitchen, where we keep a ziploc baggie for loose change. Each little coin chime reminds me that we are one step closer. Taking that little baggie to the bank makes me smile. Each trip adds more into our savings account where we have a cheering squad now. The tellers smile when they see me... they know our mission... and they cheer when the deposit goes in.  Which reminds me, Mike sold an autographed baseball to a guy at his work... so he placed the cash in the baggie. We need to make a trip to bank!
There's a little one out there...
We plan on getting her home as soon as we can!

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Football and Fried Rice said...

Making room for Kaylah must be exhilirating! I smile when I place clothes that are too small for Mya in a little bin marked "Ruby"! I know the feeling all too well :)