Friday, January 6, 2012

We did it! We are LID baby!!!! WOOHOO!

This week, we were faced with me having an emergency surgery Tuesday morning. I am healing now and on the road to recovery, something came out from left field and WHAM... life seemed to be spinning. We thank God for a new OBGYN who was on top of her game and who saved my life, literally. We lost little baby Murphy and their spirit is up above with Grandma Shyler watching over our little Kaylah until we can bring her home.

This morning, I reached over for my ice water and saw that I had 9 emails on my phone and clicked "open" and the last one read... Congratulations Mike and Krystal.... and I smiled. Thwacked Mike on his arm several times to wake him up and said, " LOOK, LOOK LOOK!" WE are LID!!! I couldn't woohoo loud---cuz my gut is so sore right now it isn't even funny. Even hard to cry--- no gut wiggling is permitted. Official LID: January 5, 2012~!

Kaylah's tree is on hold, but I will post pics as the project resumes.


Football and Fried Rice said...

Did you buy something PINK?!?! It's tradition to buy something pink to celebrate your LID!!!!

Congrats, guys! It's really happening!

Krissiem said...

Mike went out and bought me new loungewear...and the jacket was pink. I needed something to wear---wasn't expecting all of this swelling. AND--- Kaylah's bedspread came today--that's DEFINITELY got something pink!