Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Month LID ;)

Quick entry today, Superbowl is still on and I've been busy baking and decorating our one month LID celebration cake! The frosting is pa-thetic! I only had a little tub of the pre-made stuff. Poor cake looks like it's melting! Yeah yeah--I know I am a perfectionist. But I rarely have pre-made stuff around the house. Fresh is so much better!
Mike and I are waiting patiently for our match and hoping for a phone call soon! Each month we are LID and await our match, I will bake and decorate a little cake for us to enjoy. I got the idea from a family friend (Sarah) and other online blogging waiting families. It seems to be a pretty popular thing to do! I will say that I only had one tiny tub of pre-made cherry frosting, but at least it was better than nothing. And I have some other fun ideas to try to change it up from month to month as we wait to see little Kaylah's face.


Teresa said...

I absolutely LOVE the cake!!! You are one creative mama! I can "hear" you excitment waiting for your precious baby girl!! Can't wait to follow along and we will keep you in our prayers!!! I promise, it is worth every single day of the wait as it's truly amazing how God will hand pick the perfect child for your family:)

Russ said...

Hi Mike and Krissie,
Hope your wait ends soon! When it finally does happen, it will be so quick, you will wonder where the time went.

Football and Fried Rice said...

How did you make the ladybug? Its ADORABLE!!!!!!! Happy one month down!!!!

Krissiem said...

LOL Sarah--- It's a cupcake turned upside down. How pathetic is my frosting?? I had one tiny tub of pre-made stuff... almost embarrassing. And I made the face out of black candy chocolate wafers that I had left over from halloween chocolates I made. I have some FUN new ideas.... 2 months LID coming up so keep an eye open for March's cake! UNLESS.... we get a match before then?