Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sundress test

OK-- well I attempted to make a little sundress for a friend of ours who is adopting their little one from China. She just turned 2 and they are hoping to bring her home in March or April. So, I had been wanting to try to remember how to sew clothing again. (It's ben YEARS) And honestly, I can vividly remember sitting and watching my Grandmother and Mother sew clothes for me when I was little. They always made matching outfits for my babies and barbie's too.
It's called a knotted sundress. And I was soooooo TICKLED pink about how it came out!
I will definitely HAVE to make one of these for Kaylah! Perfect for going to the zoo!
As I was sewing, I had great memories fly back into my head... my Grandmother was always sewing me something. I can remember running up and down the isles at the fabric stores picking out my favorite fabric...and begging her to please get "THIS ONE" and to make me a dress. When my Mom came out in January this year, she brought out some of the fabrics that they used to make my outfits in the 70's. AMAZING fabrics! And she even found this retro fabric that has these crazy neon owls on it! Pattern was cut out---never sewn together. We are missing an arm... but found more fabric so we can finish the romper for Kaylah! Those were some GOOD times, some of my best childhood memories. And I can't wait to make those kinds of memories for Kaylah!


Nancy said...

Goodness it's adorable!!! You GO GIRL!

Football and Fried Rice said...

THAT is adorable!!!! You still "got it"!! I loaned my sewing machine to someone so long again Im not sure she remembers its mine :)