Friday, March 30, 2012


File in review.
I can't believe it!
Unfortunately, we cannot share information YET.
I will say this, she looks like she needs a HUGE hug and that we have a few mug shots to keep looking at.
Her file will be reviewed by our doctor and specialists. ;) We remain calm and await to learn about her special need and want to have all this medical jargon interpreted for us.


Football and Fried Rice said...

You can EMAIL her pics and info!!!!!!!! That's all I'm saying. Huge time - praying!!!!!!!

Catherine said...

Congratulations!! What an awesome post to be able to make just 1 year and 1 day from the day you decided to adopt!

Cannot wait to hear more!

Rendy said...

So excited. I'm in love with her already, and she's not even mine!