Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cabled! And waiting on Article 5!

We couldn't be happier! We were cabled and NVC (national visa center) approved! Now, we patiently wait for our Article 5 and our official travel dates to go bring our little Diva home! Things are moving so fast! We could very well be traveling in a few short weeks to bring Kaylah home!
Our Colorado shower went wonderful and I still need to upload some pictures! It was an amazing turnout and we loved seeing everyone who showed up for support! We got lots of great goodies for Kaylah and are sooo looking forward to bringing her home. We have so much AMAING suppoirt from family and friends, it really means the world to Mike and me!


Christina said...

YAY! You are so close to getting your sweet girl. I am overly excited for you!!!!

Charmaine, Ryan and Family said...

Congratulations! We are also with CCAI and adopting a little boy with Cleft lip & palate. He is in foster care through Nanyang swi also. We just got our Travel approval today, Our NVC was May 10 so it looks like you are a month behind us. Maybe you'll travel early Aug? Here's my blog

Russ said...

These next few weeks are going to go quickly! Good luck with your future travels, and hopefully you can get there and back quickly and safely.