Friday, June 29, 2012

Article 5 notice!!!

Yeay!!! We received notice from our agency today that our Article 5 was picked up today! What great news!!! Now, we wait for our official Travel Approval from China. This should be roughly (I say this loosely)1-3 weeks, then our agency will give us a few dates for our consulate appointment to choose from and then we travel to bring Kaylah home a few weeks after we choose! I'm so excited and when I look over to the right at our milestones.... It's so hard to believe that there are sooo many things we've done and amazes me that there are only a few remaining! Needless to say, that those remaining are the best ones yet!!!!!!! We are hoping to travel the last week in July and that would give us a gotcha day on July 30th! But, we could also be traveling in the first week of August. WEEKS AWAY.... It's getting so close! I can't wait to hold that little Diva in my arms!!!!


Catherine said...

Congrats! Another big step closer!! Tomorrow is July...can you believe when you wake up tomorrow morning you might be able to say, 'This month is Kaylah month!!'

Do you follow Lynch Life, ''. They seem to be close to you in your preparation and I wondered if you might be in China at the same time? That would be fun!

Michal said...

Congratulations! It's sort of like being on a run away train isn't it? A train that took a very long time to get to you and now goes in fits and bursts for a wild few moments....but soon...oh so will gain momentum and not stop until you have that sweet girl in your arms! Very happy for you! And loving her room.

Andy and Sheryl said...

Hi! We had our A5 dropped off today so who knows! Maybe we'll be seeing each other in GZ! Congrats!