Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kaylah's Room Progress

Nougat and Me.... he wanted to help put her bed together
Mike attaching wheels to the bed base.

Mike helping me hang her curtains.
These are blackout curtains from
Pottery Barn Kids. WELL worth the
The tree that I traced and painted onto her bedroom wall. This was a really fun project and we really like the way it turned out! It was a lot of fun to use an overhead projector, chalk and paints!

Look Ma- NO GREY hairs! Putting the bed together
was fun and easy with Mike!
Her quilt comforter ....still need pillows and wall art!
This bed ROCKS. It pulls out into a Queen for Kaylah
when she gets older! and the drawers GLIDE out.... sooo nice!
We love you IKEA!


Marisa Bentley said...

Krissie - My husband and I took almost every class with you guys at CCAI. Neither of us had our referrals at the time. Congratulations! I just saw your blog on the Henan Kids web page. We couldn't be happier for you all. We are matched with a little guy we are naming John. It looks like we are four weeks behind you in the process. My blog is Love Times Eight on Henan Kids too (so you can remember who we are). I am excited to follow you as you get your beautiful daughter. Marisa

Marisa Bentley said...
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Catherine said...

What a beautiful room you're creating for Kaylah!! Love the tree! Great job Mommy! Very nice bed. Nesting is fun!!

polinka said...

WOW her room is beautiful!!