Wednesday, July 25, 2012

At Denver airport;)

We are at DIA and Mike takes a moment to ponder about the adventure we are about to begin. I actually slept in today longer than Mike.... A little known fact that I am an early bird, and he sleeps in like a grizzly bear! So many thoughts and feelings are running through my mind. Feels like we just can't get there fast enough, we have waited so long... Just a few days separates us from meeting our little Kaylah. Days. DAYS!! How freiken exciting is that!!!???


Teresa Ă–stberg Innocenti said...

Wow, you are so close now :-) A new life is about to start, with your little daughter.

Safe travels!

/Teresa from DTC Spring 2012

SoccerMom said...

Up, Up and Away! Far away that is... hope your trip is quick and uneventful! So looking forward to Gotcha Day Picks! Susan and Kye

Football and Fried Rice said...

Cannot wait! Enjoy Beijing, you are about to become PARENTS!!!!