Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Kaylah

Today is Kaylah's 3rd birthday in China. We may celebrate a little tomorrow with a small cake. And my heart has been aching for a new photo since April.
Got one today! Along with an update! And we now know that she got our care package, it's the blue box in the back! OOOH how happy that makes Mama and Baba!
We are patiently waiting for our official TA (Travel Approval) from China and hope that we will be traveling in a few weeks to bring her home!
Here's what the update said:

"ZiYue can say ‘it is my stuff or I want to sleep or I do not want to go’ etc, when she has new cloth on, she will ask ‘am I pretty?”. She loves to have her hair combed and likes to have many ponytails on her hair and then she looks very cute. She remembers to put her stuff back in place. After drink, she puts her cup or bottle into the kitchen. If she wants to use bathroom, she will call mom. When she sees other people’s chicks come to her yard, she will kick them out. After she wakes up, she can get off her bed and does not need any help. She watches door and will call mom if someone shows up. She is sweet and takes care of her younger foster sister and brother. When she sees cars, she will put brother or sister’s walker to a safe place; if they cry, she will ask mom to feed them or take one of them outside to play."

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journey to Madisyn said...

she is beautiful....sounds like a little helper! congratulations on your beautiful princess!

love from Canada